For too long, uncivilized apes have ruled the multiverse. Their barbaric ways threaten to corrupt the foundations upon which the future will be built.

Bored ape 3d club brings to life the famous bored yatch club collection in a third dimension with endless possibilities and will contain the 10000 who will be part of a whole community to grow in the Metaverse by creating own 3verse token and play to earn games and take advantage of the whole collection.

A Unique collection of NFT designed in 3D


Bored Ape 3D are uniques


Each Ape is a 3D version of the famous BORED APE YATCH CLUB.

Full Rights

As a Ape owner, you have all rights and licenses for a unique avatar NFT (ERC-721)


Bored Ape 3D members will gain additional benefits through roadmap activations

Smart Contract

All transactions are carried out and managed by a Smart contract in solidity. Check it out! LINK


We will generate a token (ERC-20) so that everyone can earn money with us, especially NFT owners. Welcome to the Ape Token.


We will bring out Play to Earn Games, so you can generate earnings and bring your NFT to life.

Bored Ape 3D NFTs

Join the Bored Ape 3d club and be part of it.


  • Release
  • Web release. Collection launch, social media sweepstakes
  • The Foundation
  • The Bored ape 3D Collection NFTs are born. Alongside this rellaunch of merchandising - t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, 3d ape prints.
  • The Build
  • Start the preparation of the ape token, draw 150 3d model print among the owners of at least one NFT, draw 2Eth among the 200 best collectors participating in discord.
  • Going Live
  • top 100 draw for 5 etheriums and donation to the apes Fund in the amount of 5% of minting sales.
  • Bored Ape Enviaroment
  • release of the ape token, and distribution of 5 million ape tokens to all NFT owners 500 3Dverse(3DV) for each one, the process of creating new collections begins, in which all collectors will be able to participate in the elaboration and have a vote among several decisions.
  • NFT Royalty
  • Development of a game that will be part of the metaverse in a world with different locations in which to win (bets, mini-games), it will be play to earn and you will be able to use your nft avatar in the game.


Luis - Programmer
Generation tools, Smart contract developer and web developer
Nacho - Artist
Modeler and renderer of the collection
Juan - Marketing
Public relations and marketing of the collection


What is the Bored Ape 3D Premium Club?

Bored Ape 3D Premium Club is a community of humans who believes in a crypto future. BA3DC is starting with a collection of 10000 Bored Ape 3D NFTs—unique from the famous Bored Ape yatch club collection

How can I get a Bored Ape 3D?

Purchase on our website, delivered to your wallet & Opensea account.

When is the mint date?

On April

How much will it cost to mint?

0.07 Eth

Mint per wallet?

We use metamask.

What is the blockchain you'll use?


What are your secondary royalty fees?


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